Build Back Better Act
On November 19, by a vote of 220 to 212, the House passed theBuild Back Better Act(BBBA)(H.R. 5376), which makeskey investments在儿童营养和其他重要计划中。FRAC主席路易斯兰卫卫委员会赞扬了该行动,致电“条例草案”在正确的方向朝着解决这个国家童年饥饿和贫困的令人震惊的下一步。“该法案现在前往参议院,其中大多数领导人舒默(D-NY)希望在年底休息前通过它。

Act Now:Advocates are urged to contact their U.S. Senators immediately to support the Build Back Better Act (H.R. 5376), a historic investment in anti-poverty programs. It is critically important to reiteratethe impact这些规定将对会员区/国家的儿童和家庭进行。房屋和参议院冠军必须坚强地保护整体包装,特别是反贫困规定。Learn more.


Stopgap Funding Bill Passed
Rep. Rosa Delauro (D-CT), Chair of the House Committee on Appropriations,introducedthe short-termFurther Extending Government Funding Act(H.R. 6119) on Thursday, Dec. 2, a day before current government funding was set to expire. Extending funding to February 18, 2022, the bill passed the House by a vote of221到212.并通过投票迅速清除参议院69 to 28

Critically, the deal includes language that will prevent a dramatic drop in WIC benefits on January 1 by extending current levels to March 31, 2022. This provides a continuation of the larger cash value for fruits and vegetables in WIC. An extension of SNAP benefits for residents of Supportive Living Facilities was alsoincluded

Update on FY 2022 Agriculture Appropriations
On July 29, by avote of 219-208, 房子通过its fiscal year (FY) 2022 agriculture appropriations (spending) bill,H.R. 4356., in a package including six other appropriations bills (H.R. 4502). Check outFRAC的分析众议院农业拨款法案有关更多信息。

8月4日,参议院拨款委员会,由avote of 25-5, advanced its fiscal year (FY) 2022 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agenciesappropriations bill(S. 2599). Read a概括来自参议院拨款委员会的参议院账单。

By亲爱的同事信,11月14日,参议院多数领导人查克·舒默(D-NY)概述了2021年余下的参议院议程。12月2日,国会通过了Further Extending Government Funding Act(H.R. 6119), a stopgap funding bill (acontinuing resolution),这将通过2022年2月18日通过资助政府行动。FRAC and more than 20 other national organizationsrecently urged Members of Congress to include an extension of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) school meal waiver authority in ongoing appropriations legislation.

President Biden’s FY 2022 Budget

5月28日星期五,白宫发布了拜登总统FY 2022 budget。退房thefact sheetfrom the Office of Management and Budget.

Update on Recovery Plans

On April 28, President Biden presented the American Families Plan, which includesnutrition program investmentsthatensure children have accessto the nutrition they need year-round, as well as other critical investments needed to offset rising hunger by providing much-needed assistance to low-income households. Urge Congress to move quickly and enact the American Families Plan and to pass additional relief packages.

3月11日,American Rescue Plan Act of 2021was signed into law. The COVID-19 relief billwill help bolster nutrition assistancefor tens of millions of people across the country.

国会通过Covid Relief和F FY Appliations通过年末封装

Before leaving for the holidays, Congress passed theConsolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, a package that would provide an immediate and essential downpayment on nutrition and other critical assistance for tens of millions of people across the country whose lives have been upended by the pandemic. The relief package boosts the SNAP maximum benefit by 15 percent for six months (through June 30, 2021), among other nutrition and anti-poverty provisions. Check out FRAC’sstatementfor more information, as well as the Congressional division-by-division summaries of theCOVID relief provisions,appropriations provisions, and授权事项of the package. The President signed the bill into law on December 27, 2020.

Check Out SNAP Bills We’re Supporting

退房FRAC’s我们支持的账单page for bills introduced in the 117th Congress related to budget, appropriations, anti-poverty policy, and other critical issues.


Curious about Budget Reconciliation? Unsure about the process or special rules to look out for? Explore this three-page report that explains what you need to know.


President’s FY 2021 Budget Would Increase Hunger and Poverty in America

On February 10, the president released his proposed FY 2021 budget. The budget recycles many of the harmful policy proposals in the administration’s previous budgets, including deep cuts to federal safety net programs. The budget would cut SNAP benefits by more than $180 billion over 10 years, including by reprising the widely ridiculed “America’s Harvest Box.” These proposed deep cuts to SNAP are on top of the billions of dollars in ten-year SNAP benefit cuts that the administration is seeking via rule makings. The budget would also cut school meals by $1.7 billion over 10 years by reducing the number of schools eligible to implement the社区资格Provisionand by changing the process for verifying school meal applications, which would result in eligible students losing access to free and reduced-price school meals. ReadFRAC的陈述and detailedanalysisof the president’s proposed budget.

Explore These Topics

  • FY 2021拨款
    On December 27, 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 签署了法律,该法律提供了FY 2021次拨款以及对全国各地数百万人的营养和其他关键援助的直接和必要的额度。救济套餐将快速福利提升15%,六个月(截至6月30日至2021年6月),以及其他营养和反贫困规定。退房 FRAC的陈述 for more information, as well as the Congressional division-by-division summaries of the COVID relief provisions , appropriations provisions , and 授权事项 of the package.

    Stay up-to-date on the federal appropriations process through the Congressional Research Service’s拨款状态表

  • Refundable Tax Credits
    劳务所得收入抵免(EITC)和孩子Tax Credit (CTC) are critical anti-poverty programs and should be expanded 。In 2019, the EITC and CTC together lifted about 7.5 million people above the poverty line, including 4 million children. Both of these tax credits are refundable, meaning that they can reduce a filer’s tax burden to zero and any remaining amount is treated as a direct refund to the filer.

    Income thresholds for the EITC are dictated by marital status and number of children. The amount of the EITC depends on the filer’s income, the number of children, and marital status. In 2020, the EITC is worth a maximum of $6,660, but the EITC for childless workers is worth only $529. In 2021, thanks to temporary changes in the American Rescue Plan Act, the maximum for childless workers was increased to $1,502.

    The American Rescue Plan Act also included a robust expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC) which is projected to cut child poverty nearly in half. The improved CTC will provide families with $3,600 per child under age 6 and $3,000 per child ages 6-17. This benefit is now available to families with little or no income who were previously excluded from the CTC benefit.

    虽然这是一个很棒的消息,但这种扩张是只有一年的授权。国会和白宫必须使这些计划改进永久。除此之外,拜登总统的美国家庭计划critical nutrition and other investments,使永久性的完整refundability CTCto provide support to families who have been affected by the pandemic and for parents who have been forced to cut down on work or give up jobs to take care of children after losing access to child care.

Did You Know?

Every year, Congress is supposed to follow a similar schedule of events throughout the budget and appropriations process. However, in recent years, this process has not always been followed — but the general schedule remains the same.